Friday, April 28, 2017

Rid yourself of annoying junk mail... and more!

  1. Direct Mail: The Direct Marketing Association is made up of many organizations that market directly to consumers. To opt out of mailings from their members visit
  2. Email: The Direct Marketing Association also provides an option for opting out of email communications from their members. Register at
  3. Telemarketing: The National Do Not Call Registry is maintained by the Federal Trade Commission and allows you to opt out of certain telemarketing calls. You can register by visiting
  4. Pre-Approved Credit Offers: You can opt out from allowing the Consumer Credit Reporting Companies provide your information to be used for prescreened credit card and insurance offers. Choose to opt out for just five years or permanently unsubscribe by visiting
  5. Other Mailers: Here are some additional marketing databases you may want to consider opting out from:

Disclaimer: This is from an awesome email received from Identity Guard.