Saturday, July 7, 2018

Warning Blacklisted surveys

There are a lot of forums promoting blacklisted surveys right now. Be careful what you sign up for being promoted on other forums. They are either ignorant or just trying to post new survey panels without even checking them out. Blacklisted survey panels are often obvious. Here's a few warning signs so you can tell right away and if you belong to a forum promoting bad/scam sites you can respond and save others from it. 


No privacy policy 

Terms read you have to complete offers 

You are asked to join other panels before you even join theirs! 

Also here's this... 

1. Look at the bottom of the survey page, do you see a link that says "Affiliate Program". 

2. Does the survey company ask you to pay them, instead of you being paid? 

3. Does survey company page claim you will earn $100 an hour? 

4. Do you have to sign up for other offers in order to join the survey company? 

5. Does the survey company offer you a chance to win a prize before you even sign up? 

6. Do the terms of the survey company read "Receipt of the free incentive gift requires: 1.) Completion of offer terms, including age and residency requirements; shipping address verification; and registration with a valid email address 2.) Completion of user survey. 3.) Participation in sponsor offers. Upon completion of participation requirements, we will ship the incentive gift to you with free shipping" 

7. Does the survey company have more than 3 pages of information you have to fill in and answer "No" to? 

8. Does the link of the survey company in the address bar of the site you wish to join have "hop=" in the subject line? 

9. After signing up for the survey company is all you get is spam? 

10. Does the link of the survey company read clickbank? 

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, read below: 

1 - The reason I ask this is because if it has an affiliate program to join, 9 times out of 10 it's a site you don't want to join because the site is earning so much off of you, that anyone can join their affiliate program and earn money too by promoting it to others. Now, I'm not saying being an affiliate is a bad thing not by any means. I'm saying if a survey company "shows off" they want affiliates before you even join to get surveys something is wrong. 

2 - You should never pay for surveys, if you do you are being ripped off. There are loads of sites out there that list survey companies for free. 

3 - There is no way on earth you can ever earn $100 an hour from ANY survey company. I know, I been in the business since 1998. 

4 - If you have to sign up for offers in order to join a survey site, that is screaming scam. They are paid by other affiliate companies for you signing up for whatever they have listed on their site. Legitimate survey companies do not operate in this manor. They send you surveys, you either do them or not. There is no signing up for other "offers" 

5 - Fraud survey sites are now offering prizes, "Complete this survey to win this free digital camera." The terms of those offers permit the company to sell off your personal information to other companies. 

6 - This means whatever their "sponsored offers" are, they are being paid a great percent for you doing so. Those "sponsored offers" are usually, signing up for magazines for a full year or other pricey things which require your credit card. 

7 - No legitimate survey company has more than 3 pages worth of sign up information. They ask your name, address, email address, password, household information, race, age. The only time you will run into a company asking loads of questions is beta testing and that is only if you are actually up for the product to test.

8 - 100% of the time if the link reads "hop=" it's a scam site. It will encompass any and all the above information already written. 

9 - If all you get is spam after signing up with a survey company, and you weren't getting spam before the chances are you signed up with a bad survey company. The company will sell your email address off or add it to other lists that if you sign up for the offer in the spam, they are paid for it. This is what keeps the spam, and the fraud going on. Not everyone knows this is part of their scam. 

10 - Though clickbank offers a refund, would they have to if it was a legitimate survey offers? I have known loads to have to ask for a refund after being suckered into a clickbank offer. 

11 - Is the site owned by Chris Price? 

12 - Does the site delete your earnings after X amount of time?

This was written for Annika's forum in 2006. Will update as needed but this is basics of why survey sites are added to Annika's Blacklist Survey pages.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Yandex Blocked

Hello, Yandex has no competence to classify any of the actions of its users as being fraudulent or other crimes. Information about the crime, and the requirement to block a mailbox should proceed from the competent authority in accordance with Russian and international laws. In this case, it may be better to contact your local law enforcement agency, which, in turn, will be able to pass on your concerns their colleagues in Russia. The Russian law enforcement agency will then be able to send an official request to us asking for the personal information of this user and take the appropriate action. -- Sincerely yours, Platon Yandex customer support
In light of a company that allows abuse, business owners are encouraged to block the spam haven known as Yandex. I have to admit I have never seen a legit email from anyone ever using Yandex anyway! I'm glad Yandex support laid it out so clearly that I was able to share the exact unedited email as no one would believe me if I didn't. It's simply insane!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

EmailPaysU and cashmoneyemail is a Scam

It's up to you if you join but I'm going to give you direct quotes from emails I received from the webmaster. These emails weren't just sent to me but to a member of Annika's staff since her name was originally mentioned when the emails first started. After 4 years, yes FOUR, I FINALLY reached payout. When I 1st joined, payout was 19.99, then 29.99 then 39.99 now I believe it's 50.00 or close to it. After requesting payout I was accused of cheating and told "If you ever want to see a dime you need to call me on the phone" When he knows I'm paid for my voice. He's been trying for years to get me to call him, anytime I would ask him things on messenger he would push for calls. But I simply ignored that as he has messengers for a reason. Now, keep those figures of payout in mind please as you read direct unedited quotes from Gerald Peters email. "Most peoples get less than 20 emails month, once you been a member for a year or more I send you even less than that. Remember I have 600,000 members so the emails are spread out." "I have only sent 400 TOTAL $.02 emails in the last 3 years. ALL the rest have been point emails." "Most members stop getting $.02 emails after their 6 month. " "I haven't sent 1900 $02 emails in the last 5 years 90% of all emails are point emails " As you can see, now he's pretending he doesn't convert all those freakin point emails to cash, which he does. He also kept accusing me of only being a member for 2 years when joining in 2003 is no where near 2 years. It's sad day when I have to teach a business owner math. I been a member since Jan 22 2003 so he's saying in 4 years I shouldn't have read that many. In 1 year of any paid to read I would of read more than 1 thousand emails. There are 365 days a year. Times it by 4 you get 1460. I get well over 2 emails a day from his site. So lets just stick with that figure since it was too hard for HIM to grasp real math. 1460 times 2 is 2920. I reported him to the to discover I wasn't the only one who did so. My account is still in his system with loads of emails still coming in. He also refuses to run my ads which I earned. I also discovered he's been put on the watch list at the boycott forum. I am sorry to all of you who may be a member with either of his companies. The only thing I can tell you is he point blank told me he was a scam artist by what he said and I posted above. The links have been removed from the site as have the banners. Anyone that signs up and I get notified of it, I give them a warning now instead of a welcome and the walk through of the site. He's earning 50,000 a month from scamming all his members. It's no wonder he brags on yahoo of a brand new Mercedes Benz. I was/am an upgraded member which cost me 18.00, he did pay me at one point 11.25 for points exchanged instead of paying me the 125.00 he owed me. This is how his company made it to the been paid of Annika's. He claimed he misunderstood my request, when indeed he knew once I was paid his company would make it on the sites that paid listing of Annika's. Which was all he wanted. I went by all his rules of requesting payout, waiting 90 days and then I should of been paid. I should of not clicked anything in the 90 days I was waiting for payout. Lesson learned on that. Previously posted via Annika's messageboard and moved here for I deleted the board.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

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